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The Common Curriculum on Policing Domestic Violence (CC06/A) aims to support the CEPOL partners to establish and develop national and international training about Policing Domestic Violence on a high professional level. Domestic violence is prevalent in all societies and it constitutes an important task of police work all over Europe. Over the last years, the police in Europe realised the significance of domestic violence and changed their strategic and operational models in dealing with this phenomenon.

Modern law enforcement agencies are not only expected to enforce the relevant law in terms of investigating complaints, prosecuting offenders and assisting victims, but also to do so in such a way so that a clear and firm deterring message is conveyed to offenders.

Although legal regulations and response models concerning domestic violence differ between European countries, the psychosocial dynamics behind the issue and its high prevalence are similar irrespective of national, ethnic or cultural background. Therefore, a significant part of police response on the issue may follow the same principles.

The Common Curriculum on Policing Domestic Violence offers a model of differentiated trainings about the topic for the different hierarchical levels, especial at senior level.

The Common Curriculum also demonstrates the necessity and the possibilities to build up interagency models to support victims and to secure their safety.

Experiences over the last years have shown that the international exchange of strategies and good models of dealing with domestic violence could be very helpful for development on national levels.

The Common Curriculum proposed a methodical combination of pre-reading phases with trainings in a mix of case studies, role playing, group assignments, group discussions and lectures.

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Further resources

This section contains publications and links and to a range of national and international resources on the topic of Domestic Violence. The links are in English unless otherwise specified. Please note that CEPOL does not hold the copyright for the publications, so please ensure you get the applicable permission from the copyright holders where necessary.

Domestic Violence Against Women

  • Violence Against Women in Finland (2006) - Minna Piispa, Markku Heiskanen, Summary Juha Kääriäinen & Reino Sirén (The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Publication Series No. 51 Control, affiliated with the United Nations - HEUNI - Helsinki)

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Domestic Violence Intervention Projects for Offenders

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