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The Common Curriculum on Police Cooperation and Europol (CC05/C) aims to support the CEPOL partners to establish and develop national and international training about Europol and its role in the international law enforcement cooperation. Training is on a high professional level.

Europol handles criminal intelligence and is the European Law Enforcement Organisation that aims at improving the effectiveness and cooperation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combatting terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking and other serious forms of international organised crime.

Its mission is to assist the law enforcement authorities of Member States in their fight against serious forms of organised crime, whilst maintaining full respect for individual integrity and human rights.

The Common Curriculum on Police Cooperation and Europol offers a model of differentiated training about the topic for different hierarchical levels, especial at senior level, whereas the training programme deepens the organisation of Europol and the way information is managed and exchanged between the Member States.

The Common Curriculum also demonstrates the necessity and the possibilities to build up international law enforcement cooperation and emphasizes Europol’s role in this environment.

The Common Curriculum proposes a methodical combination of pre-reading phases with training a mix of presentations, case studies, group assignments, group discussions, (DVD) films and lectures. The case studies focus on the activities and expertise of different units within Europol’s Serious Crime Department.

The final exercise gives participants the opportunity to practise with the handling and evaluation codes inline with Data Protection rules.


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