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Webinar 82/2018 National Webinar for the Greek appointed participants of CEPOL Exchange Programme 2018 (in Greek)

30 April 2018

This webinar aims: to provide information to the Greek appointed participants, concerning the 2018 CEPOL Exchange Programme; to underline the most common mistakes on the procedure of completing the required participation documents; to expand on the added value of CEPOL’s Exchange Programme capacities in a law enforcement environment; to familiarise the appointed personnel with the tools and functions of the Learning Management System; to introduce the line managers and administrative staff to the required procedures for a successful exchange visit; to underline CEPOL’s and National Unit rol


Webinar 14/2018 Illegal cannabis trades

06 April 2018

The aim of this webinar is to gain knowledge on last trends on illegal cannabis trades, from multilateral vision about the cannabis control, trades, routes offered through the presentation of different case studies; to understand main developments in organization, logistics and management of the hashish trade with a critique of the use of the market concept in analysing drug trading and drug control; to understand the effects of drug control in third countries with implications for European cooperation with these countries.


Webinar 59/2018 Organised property crime: cooperation with magistrates

27 April 2018

The objectives of the webinar are: to increase the knowledge of Organised Property Crime EMPACT priority; to get a better picture of cooperation between LE officers and magistrates; to receive the recommendations to overcome loopholes in legislation and procedures.




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