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80/2018 Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment/terrorist attack

26 February 2019 to 01 March 2019

The aim of the course is to enhance use of deliverables of several recently finished EU pro-jects, including EDEN (the EDEN market) and GIFT-CBRN, which include novel detection systems, procedures and software for risk analysis and lab management (knowledge base), and to focus on integrating the work of all first responders and forensic specialists, while taking into account the already existing CBRN intervention pro-tocols.

Webinar 34/2019 'Document Fraud related to Trafficking in Human Beings'

07 February 2019
  • Explanation of the methodology and outcomes from Document Fraud operational action related to THB from OAP2018.
  • How to better find out links between Document Fraud and THB in the future.
  • Vision to combat crime related to Document Fraud and THB more effectively.

Webinar 66/2019 'CEPOL Exchange Programme 2019'

13 February 2019

The aim of the webinar is to provide information to prospective exchangees and their National Exchange Coordinators on the 2019 CEPOL Exchange Programme and clarify any questions in relation to the application process.




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