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Webinar: New methodologies in the framework of international law enforcement cooperation with special focus on tax evasion and smuggling

03 September 2019

Webinar participants will:

  1. Gain knowledge about coordination and communication between state authorities in regard to smuggling and tax evasion;
  2. Be able to use systematic and/or analytical information as evidence in a criminal procedure;
  3. Be able to use collected information by patrol unit(s) in the field;
  4. Gain knowledge about the Hungarian EKAER system;
  5. Be able to organise the collection of relevant information (without the EKAER system).

AdHoc Webinar 2/2019 'Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce' in French

04 September 2019

The objective of the webinar is to introduce and raise awareness of the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT):

  • understanding the role and current activities of the J-CAT in combating complex cyber threats worldwide together with Europol’s EC3
  • understanding the cooperation possibilities with/within J-CAT
  • introducing the schemes how to participate in the J-CAT

AdHoc Webinar 14/2019 'Funding of EMPACT activities by Europol'

12 September 2019

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • to become familiar with the funding possibilities for EMPACT activities provided by Europol,
  • to understand the rules pertaining to the different funding streams,
  • to be able to plan activities under OAPs 2020 with regard to the financial resources,
  • to prepare future applicants / grant beneficiaries to apply for and manage EMPACT grants.



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