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Webinar 15/2019 ‘Facilitated Illegal Immigration through air routes towards Europe’

07 November 2019

Objectives of the webinar:

  • To identify the trends in migrant smuggling;
  • To assess the various methods in order to prevent illegal immigration;
  • To understand the importance of efficient information exchange and role of relevant EU agencies, in particular Europol, Frontex, EASO.

Webinar 40/2019 - Fundamental rights in return operations

13 November 2019

At the end of the webinar, the participant will be able to, in the context of forced return operations:

  • describe the fundamental rights applicable for the various phases;
  • identify fundamental rights challenges early on;
  • explain the role of escorts and monitors;
  • take respective actions in case of necessity to protect vulnerable returnees;
  • describe the handling of vulnerable persons and unaccompanied children;
  • conduct return operations, particularly forced return operations, in a fundamental rights compliant way.

Webinar 8/2019 - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Victim Identification Taskforce (VIDTF) Workflow

05 November 2019

The aim is to introduce the Victim ID Taskforce and its workflow. By the end of this webinar, the participant will understand the Victim ID function @ AP Twins at Europol and will have basic knowledge of Victim Identification Taskforce and its workflow.




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