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Webinar AdHoc 15/2020: IPv6 demystification

19 May 2020

The aim of the webinar is to allow Law Enforcement Agency practitioners to handle basic IPv6 concepts:

  • identification of the main type of IPv6 address: loopback, Link-Local, Global Unicast, Multicast;
  • how to get the DNS answer for an IPv6 address using dig and nslookup;
  • how use SSH and SCP with IPv6 address;
  • using Link-local IPv6 addresses to facilitate intranet devices access.

This online seminar is the third of the CEPOL-ECTEG CyberWise May webinar series.


Webinar AdHoc 11/2020: How to investigate a website?

19 May 2020

Participants of this webinar will:

  • learn the basics of how to investigate websites,
  • gain understanding of possible tools and techniques needed to execute website investigations.

COVID-19 Webinar: Counterfeit and sub-standard goods and intellectual property crime during the COVID-19 pandemic

25 May 2020

The overall objective of the webinar is to enhance knowledge on the new criminal trends monitored by Europol during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of the current crisis. The trainer will also describe how Europol can support cross-border cases of IP crime in general and in particular the operational analysis support.




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