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Webinar 4/2020: Europol Malware Analysis Solution (EMAS) - Why you should not submit investigations’ data to the cloud

03 June 2020

The objective of the webinar is to introduce and/or update the participants about the latest features of EMAS 4.0 - Europol Malware Analysis Solution. EMAS is a Law Enforcement restricted malware analysis platform owned and hosted by Europol that supports the forensic examination of malware behaviour and focused in to enrich cross-border malware related investigations.

The webinar will also raise awareness among the participants on the risks of submitting case related malware samples to online malware analysis platforms.


Webinar AdHoc 17/2020: Cryptocurrencies - Asset Management

08 June 2020

Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin are more and more frequently used by criminals in performing their illegal activities and for hiding the proceeds of their crime. Law enforcement agencies around Europe do manage to track down and seize virtual currencies in more and more cases thanks to the ongoing investment into digital investigation capacities and the accumulated knowledge and experience.


Webinar AdHoc 18/2020: Money laundering and terrorist financing threats, vulnerabilities and risk indicators in the Financial Technology field

11 June 2020

Objectives of the webinar:

  • understanding different risks in the Financial Technology field from money laundering and terrorist financing perspective,
  • focusing on Payment Service Providers (PSP) and companies related to transferring of funds.



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