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Sunday, September 8, 2019

All day
02 September 2019 to 29 September 2019

The aim of the training activity is to improve the collection, evaluation, collation, analysis and distribution of information for the purpose of tackling all forms of crime.

Upon completion of the activity the participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive overview on the main work pro-cesses and general techniques that are necessary for the accomplishment of Law Enforcement OSINT.
  2. Make an overview about LE OSINT approach.
  3. Explore the information available in various open sources.
  4. Enhance the use of general OSINT techniques suitable for the collection of intelligence.
  5. Strengthen the investigative methods, analysis and distri-bution of information for the purpose of tack-ling all forms of crime in clearweb, socialmedia and darkweb.

The course will be held entirely in English, therefore it is essential that participants possess appropriate language skills. The entire activity is carried out online the physical presence of participants will not be required.

The course will be delivered over a period of 4 weeks. Participants are expected to study around 1-1.5 hour per day during this period in order to be able to complete the activity. While there is no specific time slot when participants shall be available for completing the course tasks, they should follow the course continuously on a daily basis. This is important as the attendants will need to cooperate with other participants virtually and complete small tasks/assignments then share the results of these tasks.

Technical requirements: PC, headset (or microphone and headphones), broadband connection to the Internet, Office suite installed on PCs.


Altogether around 35 places will be offered to law enforcement practitioners in this activity.
The nomination deadline is 22 July 2019, in case you are interested in, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point at your earliest convenience.

08 September 2019 to 12 September 2019

The aim of the activity is:

1. To strengthen and deepen the already developed knowledge and understanding of the participants.

2. To provide additional background information, exchanges of experience and a dialogue of selected topics, e.g.
a. Terrorist groups operating in conflict zones and their facilitators.
b. Current developments.
c. Threats coming from returnees and possibly their family members.
d. Threats as a result of the release of potential FTFs from prison, who have been prevented to carry out terrorist attacks.
e. Measures, methods and techniques.
3. To share good practices in the area of countering foreign terrorist fighters, analysing the threats in order to mitigate risks and to learn from each other’s experiences.
4. To support with the identification of those whose details are not to be found in SIS II or other databases, by referring ‘subjects of interest’ for detailed checks.



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