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Webinar 85/2017 Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Police Personnel

14 November 2017

Human rights and fundamental freedoms are, or should be, key components of planning and deploying Policing in the EU. Better understanding of their core characteristics will inevitably result to better protection of the rights of the European citizens and all those subject to European law.


Webinar 80/2017 Ensuring rights of victims of crime

06 November 2017

The aim of this webinar is to discuss what can be done to build victims’ trust and encourage reporting by exchanging promising practices in the field, and discussing how law enforcement can work together with victim support services to provide essential help to victims of crime at the earliest stage possible.


Webinar 81/2017 - Gender Based Violence

16 October 2017

This webinar aims to raise awareness about different forms of gender based violence – from physical violence to sexual harassment and stacking – and exchange promising practice examples on how violence against women can be addressed at the level of law enforcement.



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