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Webinar 61/2016 LMS support to learning and training activities: Course Image 8.0

29 January 2016

The aim of this webinar is to introduce the refreshed version of Course Image 8.0 and to coach organisers and trainers of CEPOL activities as well as National e-Net Managers regarding its usage for their 2016 activities.


Webinar 75/2018 Webinars for educators: Implementing webinars as a tool for learning, training and professionalisation for LE and Judiciary - date and time are t.b.c.

This webinar is about listing of good practice about organising webinars and on how to deliver them effectively, to recognise possible ways of applying webinars as a tool for learning and training, stand alone or as part of a larger formal training programme, and to identify procedures for the preparation of webinars and available supporting tools, templates and resources.




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