75/2022/ONS: EU Law Enforcement Leadership Development - Future Leaders - module 1

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02 May 2022 to 06 May 2022
Finland and Austria

The activity aims to enhance leadership performance and cooperation of leaders at EU level by strengthening the competencies of future law enforcement decision-makers in terms of strategy formulation, implementation and change management with particular emphasis on international/EU dimension of enforcement in line with fundamental rights and EU values. The activity aims to foster a network of future leaders in EU law enforcement, encouraging international partnership, addressing future challenges for law enforcement and assessing the training needs in relation to leadership development.

Target Audience: 

Potential future law enforcement leaders of the EU Member States, Associated Countries and Justice and Home Affairs Agencies. Executive Leadership position in law enforcement (e.g. head of crime unit, station/county police chief etc.) at the minimum rank of Superintendent/Lieutenant-Colonel is a must.

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Future leaders course 2022 kicked off in Finland

11 May 2022
Police University College (Finland)

CEPOL's course on EU Law Enforcement Leadership Development - Future Leaders, Module 1 started at the campus of Police University College in Tampere, Finland, on 2nd May 2022. The course lasted for five days and the 27 participants were discussing and learning different aspects of leadership.


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