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Webinar 36/2019 - Subjective security: Concept, dimension, consequences and ways of measuring

13 November 2019

The aim of the webinar is:

  • To understand what “subjective security”, “perception of security”, “feeling of insecurity” or “fear of crime” means.
  • To describe the consequences of subjective security in people’s conducts.
  • To identify tools to measure it, with especial reference to vulnerable groups.

Webinar 35/2019 'Predictive policing'

22 May 2019

Predictive policing refers to the usage of mathematical, predictive analytics and other analytical techniques in law enforcement to identify potential criminal activity, predicting and preventing crime. This webinar aims to rise awareness on predictive policing and presents best practices .


101/2018 Juvenile crime and domestic violence

20 May 2018 to 25 May 2018

The overall objective of the course is to define factors and determinants of juvenile delinquency and domestic abuse in the international context, as well as working out scientifically justified initiatives which will make it possible to take optimal measures with a view to reducing young offenders’ criminal activity and effectively preventing domestic abuse. The course will create a specific platform of cooperation for exchange of knowledge and experience and further harmonization of tasks of law enforcement officials responsible for juvenile crime and domestic violence.



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