04/2015 Goods and intellectual properties counterfeiting

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14 September 2015 to 18 September 2015
CEPOL in cooperation with OHIM

The course will allow participants to recognise European criminal patterns on counterfeiting, share good practices on inter-agency and public-private cooperation and identify the best investigative and administrative measures in the anti-counterfeit combat. The activity will focus on counterfeiting in general with a specific module on fake pharmaceutical products or/and one on food fraud, these being particularly perilous forms of counterfeiting.

Participants will also be able to:

  • identify traditional and emerging patterns of counterfeiting in the EU
  • understand the advantages and weaknesses of the measures available to combat counterfeiting (i.e. criminal investigation, licensing, administrative inspections related to food, health and quality standards etc.)
  • identify potential points of intervention/disruption in the life cycle of counterfeit goods (manufacturing, online advertising, shipping, exporting/importing, warehousing, distribution, payment)
  • recognise the most effective methods in the fields of prevention, detection and repression
  • become familiar with guiding examples of public-private partnership in the field
  • acknowledge initiatives on enhanced international cooperation in the field
Target Audience: 
  • Senior law enforcement officers (police, customs)
  • Judiciary officials (prosecutors)
  • Non-law enforcement state officials with inspective functions leading the investigation/detection (i.e. criminal investigation or administrative inspection) of counterfeit goods
OHIM (Alicante, Spain)


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