09/2015 Illicit laboratory dismantling - advanced

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01 June 2015 to 12 June 2015
Poland in cooperation with EUROPOL

The course aims to train law enforcement officers and forensic personnel on how to dismantle illicit drug laboratories in a safe and secure way and on how to properly conduct crime scene investigation of these sites.

Participants will be able to:

  • recognise production methods of drugs, especially the synthetic ones
  • identify production equipment
  • implement precautions and safety measures to protect themselves during raid operations on illicit drugs laboratories, including the decontamination process
  • plan and organise future raids as well as collection of evidence
  • explain and make use of all EUROPOL expert systems which can be practically used during live investigations
  • explain how the Early Warning System on new psychoactive substances works in the European Union
  • describe the role of EUROPOL and EMCDDA and their tools in identification and combatting trafficking in synthetic drugs

This course belongs to a series of training activities on dismantling illicit laboratories (step 1 is a webinar; step 2 is the ten-day course 9/2015 and step 3 is the three-day course 10/2015).

Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officers and forensic experts regularly dealing with synthetic drugs (relevant security clearance is required).

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CEPOL course on illicit laboratory dismantling held in Poland

30 June 2015

From 1 to 12 June 2015, the Polish Central Forensic Laboratory organised the CEPOL course 9/2015 on Illicit Laboratory Dismantling (advanced level). The activity took place at the International Training Centre on Combatting Clandestine Laboratories in Legionowo (Poland) and at the Conference Centre in Jachranka. Participants from 24 EU Member States, Norway and Iceland attended this activity.


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