19/2015 Combatting firearms trafficking - strategic level

Status message

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21 April 2015 to 23 April 2015

The aim of this activity is to enhance police and judicial cooperation in the area of firearms trafficking.

Participants will be able to:

  • recognise different legal situations of this issue within the EU
  • discuss ways of preventing diversion of legal firearms deliveries
  • analyse potential steps to unify deactivation standards in order to avoid illegal reactivation
  • compare preventive tools (in order to keep track of a legal firearm during its lifecycle) in different Member States
  • use and develop contacts with specific regions and source countries
  • plan the building of working relations with other departments (such as traffic police) and beyond the law enforcement area (i.e. administrative authorities or contacts with legal dealers) at national level
Target Audience: 

Senior law enforcement officers (at managerial positions) with decision-making power in the area of firearms (relevant security clearance is required).


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