23/2015 Investigating and preventing corruption

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01 June 2015 to 05 June 2015

This course aims to improve participants’ professional skills on the fight against corruption.

Participants will also be able to:

  • explain the roles of police in fighting against corruption
  • provide an overall view of corruption enablers, transparency standards and legislation on the fight against corruption
  • describe investigative and preventive tools and techniques
  • discuss large-scale investigation of corruption and corrupt practices (i.e. in public procurement)
  • explain potential ways of sharing experience (i.e. workshops, seminars and police training)
  • discuss small-scale corruption and corrupt practices (i.e. abuse of official power and its impact on the credibility of a public institution)
Target Audience: 

Senior law enforcement officers involved in the investigation and prevention of corruption (relevant security clearance is required).

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CEPOL’s course on professional skills to fight corruption

07 August 2015

CEPOL’s course 23/2015 “Investigating and preventing corruption” took place from 1 to 5 June in Bratislava, Slovakia. Participants from 24 EU Member States and Turkey attended the course. The aim of the activity was to improve law enforcement officers’ professional skills to fight corruption.


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