30/2015 Seminar on ATLAS network - Special Intervention Units

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02 November 2015 to 06 November 2015

This seminar will allow participants to prepare for a joint and coordinated response in the event of an emerging terrorist incident on critical infrastructure, and to increase their understanding of C2 issues and Special Operation Procedures within ATLAS Special Intervention Units (SIU) on the occasion of hostage release operations in a critical infrastructure (a practical table top exercise is required).

Participants will also be able to:

  • act upon briefing on emerging incidents
  • apply the “Manual of Guidance - Command and Control” (MoG C2) and the ATLAS “Special Operations Procedures” (SOP)
  • develop and present solutions in line with the MoG C2, such as the mission planning and execution checklist, the C2 Command Relationship and Communication Plan, the risk assessment presentation, the execution checklist for assault etc.
  • identify challenges and share good practices at C2 and counter terrorism tactics in critical infrastructure
  • understand the procedures and organisational structures in C2 issues, as well as facilitate international cooperation among ATLAS SIU
  • identify further areas for C2 and topics for potential joint events in the future
  • deploy common tactical language
  • compare scenarios and approaches to hostage release operations in a critical infrastructure
Target Audience: 

Leaders of assault teams from Special Intervention Units (relevant security clearance is required).


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