37/2015 Undercover operations

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29 June 2015 to 02 July 2015

This course aims at improving knowledge, cross-border cooperation and understanding of the implications and requirements for undercover operations.

Participants will be able to:

  • describe the fundamentals of covert operations at international scale
  • summarise the legislation on use of undercover officers in Europe
  • list the main types of cross-border undercover operations
  • identify the most vulnerable aspects of undercover operations
  • list the international cooperation possibilities for undercover operations
  • identify best practice
Target Audience: 

Police officers with expertise in the application of undercover techniques on investigations (relevant security clearance is required).

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CEPOL course 37/2015 on undercover operations

28 August 2015

The Croatian Police Academy in Zagreb organised from 29 June to 2 July the CEPOL course 37/2015 “Undercover operations”. 28 police officers from EU Member States attended the course and had the opportunity to share work experiences in this area. Among the trainers of this activity were police experts from Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal and United Kingdom, together with representatives from the Croatian judiciary.



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