45/2015 Training for SIRENE officers (specialised)

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16 March 2015 to 20 March 2015

The aim of the course is to support effective cooperation and to enhance security within the Schengen Area on the basis of the SIS II legal instruments, the SIRENE Manual and the Catalogue of Recommendations and Best Practice for SIS/SIRENE.

Participants will be able to:

  • understand how other countries apply the specific procedures
  • reiterate newly gained knowledge concerning previously known specific topics and general procedures
  • identify and explain country-specific procedures and their reasons
  • describe the general procedures
  • transfer newly gained information to their work environment
  • apply general rules as well as country-specific exceptions within the context of specific cases
  • use the relevant elements of the SIS II legal instruments and the SIRENE Manual as points of reference for application within the framework of national procedures
  • cooperate in a more efficient and effective way following a common practical approach
  • analyse, within the scope of their work remit, national work procedures in order to improve them based on the information provided in the SIRENE fact sheets
  • draft and propose, within the scope of their work remit, new/improved internal work procedures based on the SIRENE factsheets and also in the cooperation with other relevant law enforcement institutions
  • support the use of SIRENE fact sheets and the SIRENE Platform at the CEPOL Learning Management System (LMS) in the daily work
  • justify the general procedures as agreed in the SIRENE factsheets
Target Audience: 

Experienced SIRENE operators with sound knowledge of the legal framework and the operational practice, including national procedures. Furthermore, their level of experience and knowledge of SIRENE should enable them to generate creative solutions within this complex environment.


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