76/2018 Strategic intelligence analysis

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25 June 2018 to 28 June 2018

The specific training activity aims to provide the trainees with a sound theoretical foundation on strategic intelligence analysis and a set of skills in developing strategic products.

After the successful completion of the Activity and its requirements, participants will be able to efficiently analyze data and by employing appropriate theories, techniques and tools, to critically advise decisionmakers at the higher levels of their own organisations.

Following the intelligence cycle and by focusing on specific psychological theories, critical thinking and relevant technological advancements regarding strategic analysis, participants will be professionally capable in identifying, recognising and understanding trends and patterns of terrorism and serious and organised crime, while adequately being qualified in developing various hypotheses and predictions.

The programme also aspires in framing a common understanding and standardised processes in strategic intelligence analysis. Sharing experiences and bringing together best practices is expected to bridge existing gaps and align different perspectives by Member States in the field.

Additionally, through class and extra-curricular activities, the programme intends to create an enhanced network of strategic analysts who will contribute to future interpersonal and interstate cooperation and synergies.

What is more, the above-mentioned horizontal strategic goals could also be seen as simultaneously bringing an added value to the overarching objectives of the forthcoming EU Policy Cycle 2018-2021, in terms of strengthening intelligence cooperation in the field of the fight against serious and organised crime, as well as building trust amongst professionals.

Target Audience: 

Law Enforcement and Intelligence officials who conduct or are assigned to conduct, strategic intelligence analysis, within the Law Enforcement environment, particularly with regard to organised crime and terrorism.



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