84/2019 Radicalisation

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23 September 2019 to 26 September 2019
CKC Counterterrorism, Czech Republic

The aim of the course is:

  1. To familiarise LEA officers dealing with radicalisation with the latest insights into (new) forms, signs and ways of radicalisation of individuals within different groups in society and understanding the role of (online) recruiters.
  2. To inform LEA officers about the various actors involved in dealing with radicalisations, based on best practices, in particular in the digital domain.
  3. To explore and discuss the limitations and dilemma’s in dealing with radicalisation.
  4. To explore the nexus of crime and radicalisation/ terrorism.
  5. To familiarise LEA officers with existing EU instruments and expertise in the field of (dealing with) radicalisation.
Target Audience: 

Advanced practitioners coming from LEAs, in particular police services (specialised knowledge centres as well as neighbourhood policing units); prison services and probation services; refugee and asylum seeker centres; CT fusion centres; the intelligence community.

Czech Republic


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