87/2015 Detecting false documents - new trends and technologies

Status message

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15 December 2015 to 17 December 2015
CEPOL in cooperation with Italy

Overall aims

  • to explore and share information and best practices so as to enhance standards in false document detection and security at border crossing points and forensic laboratories throughout national territories;
  • to update the contents of the document FAUXDOC 11 of 7 October 2004 in accordance with the new techniques.
Target Audience: 
  • experts in false documents;
  • border police;
  • forensic experts.
Rome, Italy
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CEPOL course on trends and technologies in detecting false documents

05 February 2016

Terrorism is having an impact in the free movement of persons in the European Union - which is the cornerstone of the EU citizenship. Training law enforcement officers in detecting false documents is key to tackle this threat.


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