88/2019 Open source intelligence, E-evidence, Encryption technologies

Status message

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11 November 2019 to 14 November 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To equip LEA officers with the knowledge of a number of practical, applicable techniques of open-sources intelligence and provide basic knowledge on OSINT methodology.
  • To understand the use of the SIRIUS platform as the one-stop shop to convey innovation on Internet-based investigations on how to identify and retrieve public and non-public information from Online Service Providers, Social Media and Online Messaging Services.
  • To provide SIRIUS digests and standardised forms to enhance the excellence of requests from LEA officers to OSPs and therefore the quality and swifter turnaround time of the subsequent responses.
  • To familiarise LEA officers with the legal boundaries Familiarise LEA officers with Europol’s toolkit/ capabilities and the use of shared tailor made tools on internet investigations.
  • To make clear how information and electronic evidence can be classified according to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and how to handle and present to a case “e-evidence”.
  • To provide information on the procedure of requesting on removal of terrorism/ propaganda related material on the Internet.
  • To provide insight on block-chain technology and crypto-currencies.
  • To raise awareness about encryption types/technologies commonly used among terrorist groups.
  • To provide insight on custom encryption tools and procedures and raise awareness about Dark Net.
Target Audience: 

Competent Law enforcement officials dealing with CT investigators as well as officials of judicial authorities (judges and prosecutors).



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