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Online course 30/2021: Darkweb and Cryptocurrencies - Basics

28 June 2021 to 09 July 2021

The aim of the training activity is to enhance cooperation on cross-border cases by using TOR-network and Darkweb and by increasing skills to find virtual currencies (VC) in the course of criminal investigations as well as to identify the existence of a VC wallet, notably in the framework of searches.

The learning strategy is focused to enhance the capacity of law enforcement officers to integrate new investigative techniques into cyber investigations. The learning process highlights a learner-centred approach and will consist of:

Webinar 06/2021: Uncovering child sexual exploitation using interviews of children - a multidisciplinary approach

10 June 2021

The aim of this webinar is to align child sexual exploitation (CSE) aspects with correct terminology in multidisciplinary cooperation between child interviewers and law enforcement investigators.

By the end of this webinar, the audience will be able to:


Online Course 36/2021: First Responders and Cyber-forensics

31 May 2021 to 11 June 2021

The overall objective of the training activity is to enhance cyber-forensics work by providing law enforcement officials with practical skills in computer forensics concerning revealing and investigating traces of cybercrimes, by enhancing cooperation and harmonising investigative methods between law enforcement with regard to intervention in a crime scene in case of a cyber-incident and to handling electronic evidence.



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