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COVID-19 Webinar (No3): Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-cash payment fraud

29 October 2020

The objective of the webinar is to raise awareness of:

  • different trends and typologies of electronic payment frauds (Card Present Fraud and Card Not Present Fraud);
  • public-private cooperation and role of the private sector in combatting non-cash payment fraud.

COVID-19 Webinar (No4): The evolution of cyber-threats during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 October 2020

The aim of this webinar is to improve performance of law enforcement officers by enhancing awareness of the evolution of cyber-threats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The participants will gain knowledge about:

  • the most important forms of malware;
  • the newest types of cyber-attacks;
  • measures for data and computer systems protection.

Online Course 07/2020: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

12 October 2020 to 06 November 2020

The aim of the training activity is to improve the collection, evaluation, collation, analysis, and distribution of information for the purpose of tackling all forms of crime.

The learning strategy is focused to enhance the capacity of law enforcement officers to integrate OSINT tools into cyber investigations.

Upon completion of the course, the participants are expected to be able to:



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