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6/2022/ONS: Behaviour Analysis in the context of Facilitated Illegal Immigration

19 September 2022 to 23 September 2022

The activity aims to:

  • enhance law enforcement competencies in behaviour analysis both during border control or other checks inside the territory of EU / Schengen countries.
  • correlate evidence to make fair, non-discriminatory decisions in relation to the right of entry and stay.

04/2022/ONS: OSINT in Facilitated Illegal Immigration

12 September 2022 to 16 September 2022

The aim of this activity is to strengthen the fight against migrant smuggling by improving the capability of law enforcement authorities on the use of OSINT in investigations of facilitated illegal immigration via enhancing the training capacities of Member States.

13/2022/ONS: Money Laundering via Offshore Structures

18 July 2022 to 22 July 2022

The aim of this activity is to:

  • enhance the fight against money laundering via offshore structures by exchanging knowledge on money laundering schemes and sharing good intelligence, risk analysis and investigative practices;
  • strengthen transnational financial investigation competencies as well as knowledge on classic money laundering prevention methods.



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