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47/2020 Introduction to Intelligence-Led Policing

08 September 2020

The objectives of this webinar are to be able to

  • Describe the concept of intelligence-led policing (ILP) and its key elements;
  • Appreciate benefits of ILP and how ILP can complement traditional reactive policing;
  • Explain the relationship between ILP and proactive police work;
  • Recognize key preconditions for ILP to fulfill its potential.

53/2020 Webinar: case Study: Attempted RICIN attack Cologne

04 September 2020

After the webinar, participants should be able to:

  • To become familiar with the background and facts of the RICIN attack in Cologne

  • To be informed about the preparation of the attack as well about the actual attack

  • To understand the challenges to the case handling on the spot

  • To be informed about the lessons learned and way forward

  • To be informed about the judicial proceedings


30/2020 Webinar: Document fraud: Visa fraud

02 September 2020

The objective of this webinar is to enhance the law enforcement response to Visa Fraud by :

- Creating a better understanding of the challenge of the phenomenon of Visa Fraud to EU+ countries

  • Embassies’ consular sections
  • Border control at detecting the fraud,
  • Asylum systems in processing the fraudulent application

- Enhancing the detection of fraudulently obtained documents by better understanding the patterns and modi operandi of the fraudulent activities.




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