EU-STNA 2022-2025

CEPOL launched the new EU-STNA in 2020 to define strategic and EU-level training priorities of law enforcement officials for the 2022-2025 policy cycle.

The overall architecture of the EU-STNA methodology has been kept adding a step on the implementation of the EU-STNA outcomes with increased political support and another on a mid-term review of threats and training priorities.

EU-STNA 2022-2025 is expected to be published in December 2021.

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EU-STNA 2021-2024 Timeline


The EU-STNA will be conducted in cooperation with a broad range of stakeholder, including DG Home, the Council of the EU, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies, Member States, EMPACT groups and other professional networks.

National experts will participate in the identification of capability challenges and training needs during focus group discussions. Member States' competent organisation at national strategic level will be invited to rank the training needs identified in order to reflect their priorities. Member States will be asked to indicate the estimated number of law enforcement officials who would need training. Further on, Member States are requested to respect the outcomes of the EU-STNA, to the extent possible, when designing national level training for law enforcement officials.

The Justice and Home Affairs agencies provide CEPOL with the relevant documents for the desk research and will take part in focus expert group discussions to identify EU level training needs, JHA agencies and other partners will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the ranking of training needs provided by the Member States and shall align their training portfolio to the strategic priorities identified in the EU-STNA.

EMPACT groups and other professional networks contribute to focus groups discussions to identify EU-level training needs.

DG HOME is involved during the whole process, supporting CEPOL with the implementation of the EU-STNA. In particular, the Commission approves the list of documents to be assessed as part of the desk research exercise. The Commission is invited to participate in the focus groups together with the national experts, the agencies, and CEPOL. Besides, the Commission will be consulted together with the agencies in order to propose the best situated training provider for the prioritised training needs and will provide feedback on the final EU-STNA report to be drafted by CEPOL.

The Council will be invited to provide a binding endorsement to the final prioritised training needs and the EU-STNA Report.



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