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Increasing Road Safety

07 December 2010

The CEPOL course “Crime Control and Road Safety” was held at the School of the National Republican Guard, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 26-29 October 2010. Organised by the National Republican Guard of Portugal and supported by the French National Gendarmerie, this event attracted 38 delegates - proving to be a very popular topic.

5th CEPOL Training Seminar for SIRENE Operators

29 November 2010

On 8-12 November 2010 the Police Training Centre in Vienna hosted the 5th seminar for SIRENE Operators within the CEPOL framework. Continuing on from previous seminars in Lyon (FR) and Maribor (SI), this seminar attracted 35 participants from 22 Member States and CEPOL Associated Countries Norway and Switzerland.

CEPOL, aware that Bulgaria and Romania join Schengen in 2011, organised these seminars to allow officers from across Europe to be trained in cooperation and exchange of data in the increasing Schengen Area.

Trying to Avoid Unlawful Interference in Airports

24 November 2010

On 26-29 October 2010 Aranjuez in Spain was the destination for the CEPOL course entitled “Airport Security”. The aim of the course was to study EU regulations on airport security, analyse the most important threats to airport security and evaluate the implementation of security measures and methods in airports. Twenty-four participants from 15 Member States and representatives from Frontex took part.



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