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Training for Police Medical Experts and Psychologists

14 December 2011

A CEPOL workshop entitled ‘Training for Police Medical Experts and Psychologists’ took place in Bramshill, United Kingdom on 29-30 November 2011. Sixteen speakers and 19 participants from 20 Member States attended the workshop organised by the CEPOL Secretariat and managed by Zuzana Liskova, CEPOL’s Administrative and Common Curricula Support Officer.

CEPOL’s SPOPCOP course hosted in Italy

06 December 2011

From the 17th of October to the 4th of November 2011 the Italian city of Vicenza played host to the CEPOL Senior Police Officer Planning and Command Course for Crisis Management Missions (SPOPCOP) Course. The course was organised by the Italian CEPOL Unit and the Carabinieri Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU) with support from Estonia and France. Seventeen senior police officers from 12 EU Member States attended this three week course, one of the longest in the CEPOL catalogue.

Tackling Urban Violence

02 December 2011

The first CEPOL conference on urban violence was held at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police (ENSP) near Lyon, France on 15-18 November 2011.



03 December 2019

In view of the fast development of financial crimes, law enforcement bodies are in need to improve their knowledge of the European regulations on money laundering and terrorist financing. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the requirements of the revised recommendations of the...

20 November 2019

CEPOL Course 08/2019 on ‘’Protection of THB Victims’’ took place in Heraklion, Crete, Greece from 04 to 08 November 2019.This training was organised for the...

19 November 2019

Last week the Federal Police Academy of the Ministry of the Interior in Austria implemented the CEPOL course 49/2019 on “Law...



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