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Airport Security Course

22 November 2011

On 7–11 of November 2011 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport, a CEPOL course entitled “06/2011 Airport Security” was held.

The course was organised for the first time by the Dutch CEPOL Team from The Netherlands Police Academy, closely and kindly supported by the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and representatives from the Greek and Italian border police forces.

International Police Cooperation - Module 2

18 November 2011

In the framework of the triple module CEPOL course “International Police Cooperation” the second module “Instruments and Approaches” was held in Münster, Germany, on June 27 - July 1 2011. With reference to the content of the first module, held in Aranjuez in March 2011, and relating to the future third module, which will be held in Lyon, the course covered a broad variety of topics. The activity attracted 24 participants from 11 Member States plus Turkey and Iceland.

Training on the Move

16 November 2011

Setting up training courses for SIRENE evaluators is a top priority on the European Council’s and Commission’s agendas: several evaluations are conducted every year in the Schengen area, in order to assess if and how Member States have integrated and apply the Schengen 'acquis'. There is indeed a need for training in order to enhance the competences of the experts and professionalize evaluation processes.



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