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Prevention of severe and targeted violence

08 October 2014

The CEPOL activity 58/2014 “Crisis management and emergency planning: school shootings and amok Incidents” took place at the Police University College of Finland in Tampere on 1- 4 September 2014.

Twenty-eight participants from 25 Member States and one Associate Country took part in the course. The expert trainers of the course came from Finland, Belgium, Iceland and Sweden. The core theme of the course was to promote structured and evidence based approaches that focus on the prevention of severe and targeted violence and utilise multidisciplinary working practices.

EMPEN - A network for the well-being of police officers

08 October 2014

Experts from Hungary, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Germany, Greece and Slovenia presented key topics to 30 participants from 26 countries (24 Member States plus Iceland and Switzerland) at the European Medical and Psychological Experts Network for Law Enforcement seminar (CEPOL 57/2014 - “EMPEN”) held in Budapest on 25 - 28 August 2014.

CEPOL course 46/2014 - Awareness on Security Sector Reform (SSR)

04 August 2014

Twenty-eight senior police officers from 17 European countries attended the Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU) in Vicenza, Italy for the CEPOL course “Awareness on Security Sector Reform” on 9 - 11 June 2014.

This short but intense course focused on the police domains of SSR that have been presented in the general framework of the European Union Common Security Defence Policy (CSDP) architecture and the different approaches to the reform of security systems as carried out by EU, UN and NATO.



03 October 2019

CEPOL Course 53/2019 ‘’Train the trainers, Step 2’’ took place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 16 to 19 September 2019. This training was the continuation of the 1st step held in Nicosia from 8 to 12 July 2019. The overall aim of the course was to connect CEPOL and its network with a core of...

23 September 2019

The Kynopol network held a closing meeting of the Cooperation Among Dog Handlers regarding the training of Service Dogs project (No. BBA-5.2.1/3-2017-00002) on 27-28th of August 2019 in Pilisszentkereszt, Hungary.

The project...



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