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A new scenario for CEPOL's training course on Joint Investigation Teams

28 August 2015

The French National Police College (ENSP) organised from 15 to 19 June 2015 CEPOL’s course 41/2015 “Joint Investigation Team (JIT) leadership”. 47 participants, including magistrates and police officers, gathered at ENSP’s premises in Lyon (France) to learn about the different steps of a joint investigation. During the workshops, participants learned how to prepare a file, explored the dynamics of Coordination meetings, learned how to draft a JIT agreement or integrate a third State into a Joint Investigation Team.

CEPOL’s course on professional skills to fight corruption

07 August 2015

CEPOL’s course 23/2015 “Investigating and preventing corruption” took place from 1 to 5 June in Bratislava, Slovakia. Participants from 24 EU Member States and Turkey attended the course. The aim of the activity was to improve law enforcement officers’ professional skills to fight corruption.

CEPOL course gathers European medical and psychological experts in Latvia

07 August 2015

The Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised from 9 to 12 June 2015 the CEPOL course 50/2015 EMPEN (European Medical and Psychological Experts’ Network for Law Enforcement) in Jūrmala, Latvia. Participants from 26 EU Member States plus Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey attended this course. The activity focused on personnel selection in law enforcement organisations.



03 October 2019

CEPOL Course 53/2019 ‘’Train the trainers, Step 2’’ took place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 16 to 19 September 2019. This training was the continuation of the 1st step held in Nicosia from 8 to 12 July 2019. The overall aim of the course was to connect CEPOL and its network with a core of...

23 September 2019

The Kynopol network held a closing meeting of the Cooperation Among Dog Handlers regarding the training of Service Dogs project (No. BBA-5.2.1/3-2017-00002) on 27-28th of August 2019 in Pilisszentkereszt, Hungary.

The project...



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