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Managing Emergency Situations in unconventional scenarios: Cepol Course 44/2017

20 October 2017
Daniele Di Giovanni

One of the demanding challenges in emergency management, especially those concerning the release of Chemical, Biological and Radiological agents, is how to coordinate first responders, law enforcement agencies, communication experts healthcare services, and to guarantee an effective information flow at strategic, operative and tactic level.

CEPOL Course 68/2017 Intelligence Led Policing – Intelligence Cycle

18 October 2017
Police Major Stefanos Leftheriotis

CEPOL training course (68/2017) “Intelligence Led Policing – Intelligence Cycle” was held on 02-04 October 2017, in Athens, Hellas. The course was organized due to the increasing interest for the E.U. Member States in the exploitation of technology and intelligence in order to tackle with serious & organized crime and terrorism.

CEPOL Course 62/2017 - Train-the-Trainers (SIRENE)

17 October 2017

The Course Programme was based in the context of the issues faced by SIS end-users and the staff of the SIRENE Bureaux. Participants studied the impact on training of differences in national technical implementation of SIS, variations in procedures and learning environments.



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