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Good Practices and Methods in Investigating and Preventing Corruption at European Level

31 May 2017
CEPOL National Unit Romania

Motto: 'Nothing is more dangerous for the conscience of a nation than the view of corruption and of underserved rewards […] This view hinders the peoples's trust in the value of hard work and meritocracy' (Mihai Eminescu, 1850 – 1889, Romanian poet, novelist and journalist)

First Responders and Cyber Forensics

30 May 2017
Georgios Christopoulos, Head of CNU, Cyprus Police Academy

Cybercrime constitutes a major threat and the development of cyber security policies and methods cannot but be regarded as a sine qua non of confining this threat. Besides, cyber criminals have shown to be quite advanced as, exploiting the speed and anonymity of the Internet, they have extensively developed and employed new methods of cyber-attacks. Law enforcement agencies must therefore constantly enhance their own knowledge and methods to deal with such cases and meet new threats.

Strengthening the Member States’ response to radicalisation

13 March 2017

From 21 to 23 February, the Maltese Presidency organised the CEPOL seminar 94/2017 "Preventing radicalisation to terrorism and violent extremism: strengthening the Member States’ response".



08 July 2019

CEPOL Course 66/2019 “Strategic Intelligence Analysis” was held from the 24th to the 27th of June 2019, in Athens, Greece. It was organised...

05 July 2019

The International Training Centre in Budapest hosted the CEPOL 46/2019 „Public Order-crowd management ” course between 23th and 27th June. ...

24 June 2019

CEPOL’s residential activity 47/2019 Violent attacks against public – amok shootings took place in Zegrze, Poland, from 11 to 14 June 2019...



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