CEPOL Conference intensifies cooperation with North America

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29 June 2010

During CEPOL conference ‘Cooperation with North America’ on 22-24 June 2010, the fight against terrorism theme was addressed through three main areas: global threats, local crimes linked to terrorism, and national or international police cooperation.

A truly international event, 65 participants attended the conference in Paris from United States, Canada, 11 EU Member States and nine African countries.

The second CEPOL conference of its kind, it was organised by the International Relations Unit of the French National Police Training Department.

The conference was opened by Deputy Director of French National Police Training Department (DFPN), the head of International Cooperation of Police Service (SCTIP) and the Ambassador of United States.

Keynote speakers at the conference, included:

  • Alan Bauer, a criminologist from France;
  • Mark Hunter, from the US Diplomatic Security Service; presented Anti-Terrorism assistance programmes;
  • Lynnda Tibbets, Director of the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program in the United States, presented a series of case studies;
  • Brooke Stearns Lawson, US Agency for International Development, presented counter-extremism, with a focus on youth;
  • Molly d’Ambra, from the NYPD Intelligence Analysis Division, presented the state of the threat to New York;
  • Eduardus Hogervorst, from the Netherlands, presented ‘Global Threats, Local Problems’, focusing on the community-based approach of radicalisation;
  • Loïc Garnier, from the French l'unite de coordination de la lutte anti-terroriste (UCLAT);

During the conference, participants split into working groups to explore the themes of local crimes. Jean Pascal Mariani, France, led the working group on Counter Terrorism; Monica den Boer, the Netherlands, led the working group on Narcotics Trafficking; Emmanuelle Joubert, France, led the working group on counterfeited documents; and Brooke Stearn Lawson, US, led the working group on local radicalisation.

Conducted by Monica den Boer, the following experts took part at the round table sessions: Michael Bayer and Katherine Andrews, both from the US; Laurent Moscatello from Interpol; Bernard Siffert from the Police International Technical Cooperation Service (France); Christophe Caupenne from the French Anti-Terrorism Unit (RAID); Jean-Pascal Mariani (France); Michiel Holtakers (the Netherlands); and Tony Gonzalez (US).

This conference was supported by the Netherlands and United States. The US Embassy arranged the experts from America and from the African countries. CEPOL financed the European part of the event.


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