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12 May 2010

During CEPOL's fourth Learning Management System (LMS) training the new Course Image 2.1 was formally introduced to the first user group, consisting of Course Managers, National e-Net Managers and Secretariat staff.

During the course, the role of the LMS as an instrument to support CEPOL activities was emphasised -meaning using LMS for activities is not a goal in itself. The use of the instrument allows for a course, seminar or conference to be managed and delivered more effectively and, to some extent, more efficiently.

As the organisation and administration of CEPOL activities is bound by Governing Board decisions and guidelines documented in the Course Managers' Tool (CMT - login required), the LMS training focussed on the support of administrative and learning processes in all stages identified in the CMT.

The strong relation between the CMT and the LMS was stressed and participants experienced a more coherent application of the LMS in the context of CEPOL.

An expert from the Portuguese Judiciary Police ISPJCC who has extensively worked with the CMT was able to provide many tips, tricks and suggestions during the course.

Participants of the LMS training have expressed the added value of learning with colleagues from other Member States who work with LMS in a different role to their own role. Some participants were Course Managers, while others were National e-Net Managers, a documentation specialist or CEPOL Secretariat staff.

For the organisation and management of an activity, all roles have an essential part to play in realising a good learning environment. This importance particularly came to light during discussions at the LMS course.

Key findings have been collected and contributed to the growing knowledge base found in forums and glossary of the
Open Platform for Course Managers' LMS Use (login required). This knowledge base is accessible to all registered users of e-Net who are involved in the organisation and management of CEPOL activities.

The next LMS Training for Course Managers (86/2010) is scheduled on 28-30 September 2010 at Bramshill, United Kingdom.


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