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10 May 2010

Since the launch of the Learning Management System (LMS) on CEPOL's e-Net in September 2009 many CEPOL courses, seminars and conferences have been supported by the LMS. Course Managers of these activities, as well as National e-Net Managers who support them, have gained experiences in the way the LMS supports the CEPOL activities.

In the first two weeks of April 2010, an Intermediate Assessment of LMS Use was carried out among National e-Net Managers and members of the open platform 'LMS use for Course Managers' to collect experiences and make an inventory of suggestions for improvements of the LMS.

Based on the outcome of the assessment in which 23 Member States participated, the Course Image on which the LMS support for each CEPOL activity is based has been updated to version 2.1.

The following main changes can be identified:

  1. Simplified and more intuitive interface for all users: participants, course managers, National e-Net Managers and Secretariat staff members;
  2. Stronger emphasis on the relation between the Course Managers' Tool (CMT) with its timeline and forms on the one hand and the LMS support of CEPOL activities on the other;
  3. Improved resources for Course Managers' support by their National e-Net Managers and CEPOL Secretariat staff members.

A full report of the assessment can be found in the
Course Managers' Guide for LMS Use Platform LMS for Course Managers (e-net
login required). On this platform a reference guide to the new Course Image 2.1 can also be found.


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