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06 April 2011

CEPOL seminar 2011/40 “Police Authorities of Candidate Countries” was organised by the French CEPOL team on 22–25 march 2011. This activity took place on the premises of the sub directorate for training and competency development of the French ministry of interior in Lognes, France. The seminar’s aim was to promote international police cooperation among the European member states to EU candidate countries.

Organised for the first time in France, this activity attracted 22 participants from four candidate countries namely Croatia, f.Y.R.o.M, Montenegro and Turkey. Representatives from the French police (OCRIEST – SCOPPOL), French police academies (ENSP – ENSOP), Romanian and Polish police officers, and EU Agencies (Europol – Frontex) presented international police cooperation and also the joint investigation operations between European police forces.

The seminar was officially opened by the deputy director of international cooperation Mr Moulinie, Mrs Martine Naute, sub director for training and competency development, and the director of CEPOL, Dr BANFI who presented CEPOL and its perspective on candidate countries. For four days a variety of topics including international cooperation tools were discussed and illustrated. Mr Felkay from the French delegation in Zagreb explained European cooperation in the Balkan area. The deputy director of ENSP, Mr Valezy, presented the international approach and training system used in top ranking academies. Mr Aragnouet from OCRIEST focused his intervention on examples of illegal immigration networks. Frontex and Europol via Mr Reinsenzein and Mr Byrne respectively were able to illustrate how their Agencies cooperate and assist European actions for joint investigation operations. Mr Piasecki and Mr Nastase from supporting countries Poland and Romania gave examples of their activity in the field of joint police cooperation within their Member States.

Workshops allowing participants from candidate countries to exchange their experience of cooperation were held throughout the seminar. These served as platforms to expose their willingness for better cooperation and communication and gave the participants a chance to compare examples of best practice.


05 February 2016

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