10th CEPOL National Units’ meeting brings back network members face to face in Budapest

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10th CEPOL National Units’ meeting brings back network members face to face in Budapest
15 October 2021

On 12-13 October 2021, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) hosted at its headquarters in Budapest the 10th CEPOL National Units (CNU) network meeting. It was the first face-to-face CNU meeting to be held after the outbreak of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020.

On this special occasion, CEPOL Executive Director, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder commented: “The pandemic changed the way we work and made us adjust to new, unknown situations. It also allowed us to appreciate the tools offered to us by technology, as we were able to remotely continue our work. Our agency adapted to this new reality and never ceased to deliver high-quality training activities to the law enforcement community, even under such difficult circumstances. This CNU meeting, however, reminds us all of how valuable it is to be able to meet in person, to exchange views and experiences face-to-face and have fruitful discussions regarding the agency’s activities and future goals.

The meeting, chaired by the Head of CNU Slovenia, provided the opportunity for CEPOL to inform participants on the latest developments and accomplishments of the agency. Among the topics covered was an update on CEPOL Expert Groups, such as the Expert Group on Fundamental Rights, as well as CEPOL Knowledge Centres (CKCs) on Counter-terrorism – (CKC CT) and on Information Exchange and Interoperability (CKC INT).

Additionally, CNUs were updated on the status of the EU–STNA 2022-2025 exercise, launched in December 2020 to identify strategic and EU level training needs of law enforcement officials for the next policy cycle, 2022-2025, as well as the status of the OTNA exercise , whose methodology had been updated in May 2020. More specifically, OTNA is conducted by the agency to provide an understanding of the details of training in priority areas defined by the EU-STNA. CEPOL has already launched OTNAs in the thematic areas of Counterterrorism, Digital skills of law enforcement, Environmental crime, Fundamental rights and data protection, to contribute to the CEPOL 2023 training portfolio.

Other topics on the agenda included updates on the topic of International cooperation, and more specifically on the progress made with the implementation of the four CEPOL Capacity-building projects (CT INFLOW, EUROMED Police, TOPCOP and WB PACT), and on CEPOL’s External relations. Developments concerning LEEd, the agency’s e-Learning platform, and the upcoming onsite edition of the CEPOL Research and Science Conference wound up this 2-days meeting.

Back to back-meetings

CEPOL also held in Budapest its National LEEd Managers meeting this week. And, following the CNU meeting, on 14-15 October, the agency is hosting the annual network meeting of the CEPOL Research and Science Correspondents.



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