11th Budget and Administration Committee Meeting

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05 November 2008


04 September 2008

Lognes, France

The Director informed the Budget and Administrative Committee about:

  • The status of the budgetary procedure 2009;
  • Staff recruitment at CEPOL Secretariat;
  • The current situation of providing additional offices for the CEPOL Secretariat at Bramshill;
  • The Half Year Results 2008, including a year-end forecast.

The committee discussed the preliminary findings by the Court of Auditors for 2007 and the Director’s reply.

The committee provided the Governing Board with a draft decision establishing an opinion on the Final Accounts 2007 for adoption.

An updated action plan following the 2007 audit of the Commission’s Internal Audit Service, was presented to the committee.

A discussion about the draft Pre-estimation 2010 took place and the committee recommended that the Governing Board agree on a Pre-estimation which amounts to the same amount as the Estimate 2009.

The committee also discussed a draft decision on travel reimbursement for participants of CEPOL activities and recommended the Governing Board to adopt it.


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