11th Common Curricula Coordination Working Group Meeting

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15 April 2009

The 11th Common Curricula Coordination Working Group meeting was held on 30 and 31 March 2009 in Athens, Greece. The main focus of the meeting was the development of strategies concerning the support for Member States by the Module Advisers in Common Curricula implementation within national training programmes.

The question of how to promote awareness of the existence of the Common Curricula within the Member States’ Police Colleges was also discussed. Work started on a Strategy Paper for ‘Awareness Promotion and Implementation Support’. The initiation of some pilot implementations is foreseen.

The restructured Common Curricula Policy Paper was finalised and, after some amendments in the Annex on “Procedures”, was agreed that it can be presented to the Training and Research Committee for subsequent adoption by the Governing Board.

Other issues explored included the definition of Trainer’s Manuals or Trainer’s Guides; the Guidelines for Common Curricula Writing; the layout and the publication of information and of Common Curricula on CEPOL’s website. A start was made to plan the first Annual Meeting of the National Common Curricula Coordinators, which will probably take place in mid-September.

Module Advisers were made aware of the Common Curricula courses within the Annual Programme which they are expected to attend in an advisory role. They were asked to contact the organisers. And finally they were introduced to the Document Management System.

At the request of the Czech Presidency, the new Governance and Structure was assessed through the perspective of the needs and practice concerning the Common Curricula. A letter was written and sent to the Presidency expressing the opinion and concern of the Working Group members about the effect of this new structure on all stages of the Common Curricula work.


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