11th Research and Science Working Group Meeting

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07 December 2009

At the 11th Research and Science Working Group, the members discussed the mid to long-term plans and structure of the group.

As the three-year membership cycle is soon coming to an end for many of the members, the Chair invited them to decide about the possibility for nomination for a second term. The call for nominations in the working group would be sent following the meeting.

The group reflected on its achievements of the past and the challenges that lay ahead. In the discussions about the mid to long-term strategic perspectives, an urgent need for a reconsideration of the current remit was identified. The group worked on a proposal for an amendment of the remit.

The group members agreed that the updated remit should reflect on the need for prioritisation of targets, expectations of internal and external stakeholders and the strategic element of its activities in relation to the further development of a European approach for CEPOL.

A report was given about the Annual Meeting of the Research and Science Correspondents. The group discussed in depth the relationship and functional work shared between themselves and the correspondents.

Other topics on the agenda were the budget and work programme 2010. For the dedicated research and science activities in particular (two symposia and a conference), the group intends to cooperate closely with the hosting countries (Ireland, Portugal, Norway and Sweden).

With regard to the operation of the e-Library, the group clarified how to apply the ‘peer-review’ for submissions to the ‘Scientific Collection’. Research and Science Correspondents and National e-Net Managers will be informed about the recommended good practice.

An interim report about the proceedings of the SEPEB project was presented by the Chair of the Sub-group.

For the mapping of the research institutions project, the working group decided it needed to be more specific to the Research and Science Correspondents about the type of research institutes they wish to have the details of, in order ensure all listed are relevant.

The 12th Research and Science Working Group meeting is scheduled on 4-5 March 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



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