11th Strategy Committee Meeting

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06 October 2008


24 April 2008

Bramshill, United Kingdom

The 11th Strategy Committee meeting was hosted by CEPOL Secretariat, in Bramshill, United Kingdom.

The Chair announced her attendance at the Working Group on Terrorism in Brussels.

The Director announced:

  • The CEPOL 2006 Budget had been discharged by Parliament;
  • The Human Resource Assistant and the ICT Assistant had both taken up their posts at the Secretariat;
  • A written procedure regarding the Accounting Officer would be launched shortly.

The Head of Programmes announced for information that Mr. Jacques Barrot will take over the Justice and Home Affairs portfolio from Mr. Franco Frattini.

It was announced that a further audit by the Internal Audit Service (IAS) will take place in September 2008. The CEPOL Director has requested the IAS to visit CEPOL in June 2008 to assess the accuracy of processes already in place. The committee was informed that the draft Annual Activity Report of the Authorising Officer will be distributed in the second week of May and discussed at the 12th Governing Board Meeting.

The Committee discussed a document received from the Commission entitled “European Agencies – The Way Forward”. The document will be circulated to all member states and discussed further at the 12th Governing Board meeting where the Commission will be invited to elaborate on their intent.

The Committee proposed several amendments to the Draft Annual Report 2007 and asked the Secretariat to amend and circulate a revised version to committee members for comment by 7 May 2008. The item will be placed on the Agenda of the 12th Governing Board meeting for adoption.

The External Relations Working Group presented a Draft External Relations Policy Paper which will be presented for adoption at he 12th Governing Board meeting.

Three new experts from Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania were proposed as new members to the External Relations Working Group. It was agreed that if a vacancy in the External Relations Working Group becomes available, a call for nominations will be launched to all member states.

A copy of the “Protocol of Intent” with Russia which was signed in Moscow on 17 April 2008 will be forwarded to the Council and Commission.

The committee requested that the Annual Programme Committee invite Europol to their next meeting in order to reach a common understanding on Europol’s needs in terms of training. The Committee also agreed that a report from Working Group Analysis of CEPOL’s Training Activities (ACTA) and a report from the Chair of the Annual Programme Committee be presented at the next Governing Board meeting. The Annual Programme Committee was requested to prepare a list of recommendations and proposals taken from these reports to present at the next Governing Board meeting.

The committee welcomed the Draft Mission Guidelines and proposed that they be given to the Governing Board at their next meeting for information. The document will then be sent to the Commission for agreement and later adopted as a formal decision by the Governing Board.

A timetable for the preparation of the Work Programme and Budget 2010 was presented for information.


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