11th Training and Research Committee Meeting

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20 November 2008


6-7 November 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Project Group on SEPE presented its proposal on how to continue with the project. The Training and Research Committee agreed on a scenario aiming at providing basic information for European cooperation opportunities in the field of Police education.

The main issues of the Research and Science Working Group concerned:

  • Cooperation with European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF). This cooperation will be prepared by a newly formed Research and Science Working Group Sub-group. In March, experts from ESRIF will attend the Research and Science Working Group meeting;
  • Guidelines for authors of articles for the Research and Science Bulletin will be developed in order to ensure good quality;
  • Member States need more time for the nomination of Research and Science Correspondents.

The Chair of the Working Group of Learning, who could not be present this time, had informed the Chair of the Training and Research Committee by means of a letter about the progress of the work:

  • Concerning the Performance Indicators, the group will focus only on the training and learning indicators while the Secretariat will develop a more general questionnaire;
  • A draft paper on certification will be presented at the next Training and Research meeting;
  • The group aims to present a draft report on the Bruges-Copenhagen Process at the next Training and Research Committee meeting;
  • After analysing the feedback on the evaluation templates, the group supports their implementation from February 2009;
  • There is a strong need for new members for the group, as in 2009 there will be four vacancies. A call for nominations was sent out on 30 October 2008.

The Electronic Network Working Group Chair gave a report about the status of the National e-Net Managers nominations. Many countries have nominated someone; only eight countries are missing to date. The Electronic Network Working Group is preparing documents to support the work of the National e-Net Managers’.

A discussion took place whether a new e-Learning Sub-group should be established within the Electronic Network Working Group. As the situation is more complex now that various organs and groups have recently been allocated with responsibilities in this field by Governing Board decisions, it was decided to analyse the situation more closely before taking a decision.

The Common Curricula Working Group announced that the first Trainers’ Manual on Domestic Violence is ready and will be distributed soon to the National Contact Points. The Working Group urgently requested a solution to the problem that not all Member States are able to sign the contracts for Module Advisers and Educational Experts. In future a regular brief report on the progress of the work will be published on the website. The Policy Paper was amended, mainly by bringing its content in line with the daily reality of the work as experience has taught after the first three years. The discussion on the development of e-Learning modules for Common Curricula topics had been initiated.

The Common Curricula Coordination Working Group is further working on:

  • A proposal for a network of experts responsible for implementation issues;
  • A concept for the CEPOL courses/seminars on the Common Curricula topics.

The Outcome Report on the Conference on the European Dimension was welcomed. It was considered useful to ask the Committees and Working Groups to use it for discussing which measures must still be taken in order to fulfil the criteria proposed therein.

The next Training & Research Committee meeting will take place on 29-30 January 2009 in Münster, Germany.

This was the last Training and Research Committee meeting Chaired by Italy; from 2009 Germany will take over.


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