12th Annual Programme Committee Meeting

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03 December 2009


28-29 October 2008

Vienna, Austria

The Annual Programme Committee discussed the statistics on CEPOL activities January – June 2008, which were calculated on the percentage of attendance on the estimated number of participants.

The committee agreed that the ACTA Working Group members will be invited to the next Annual Programme Committee meeting.

The Annual Programme Committee was asked to recommend topics for the CEPOL Exchange programme 2009-2010. The committee concluded that for the Senior Police Officers of the exchange programme, the topics should be: ‘Community Policing’ and ‘Organised Crime’. For Training Staff of the exchange programme, the topic should be: ‘Learning Environment’.

The committee discussed CEPOL’s Annual Programme 2009 and 2010.

Regarding the question about if there was a maximum number of supporting countries per course, the Chair advised that the Governing Board decision made at a meeting in Mondorf-les-bains on the 23 February 2005, should still serve as a guideline (two supporters).


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