12th Strategy Committee Meeting

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07 October 2008


12 September 2008

Lognes, France

The 12th Strategy Committee meeting was hosted by the French Presidency in Lognes Paris.

The Chair announced:?

  • Information on a meeting that had taken place with DG Jonathan Faull and members of the JHA unit in the Commission;
  • A proposal to produce a leaflet showcasing the image of CEPOL, its qualities and attributes for circulation to relevant bodies in Member States;
  • His attendance at the Chiefs of Police Task Force meeting;
  • Details of a network known as Francopol, of which he is the first President, which has been established in Canada in the field of police cooperation in training activities.

The Director announced:?

  • The Budgetary Procedure 2009;
  • Information on the new offices for CEPOL Secretariat;
  • Status Report regarding CEPOL Staff;
  • Budget Status Report 30 June 2008 and Forecast for 2008;
  • Follow up of recommendations by the Internal Audit Service;
  • Response to the Court of Auditors Observations.

The adoption of the Final Accounts 2007 together with a draft decision on “Delivering an Opinion on the Final Accounts 2007” will be presented to the 13th Governing Board for adoption.

The committee discussed the Commission’s Opinion on the Work Programme 2010 and a revised document will be presented at the 13th Governing Board meeting.

It was agreed not to request increase in the budget for 2010 and the Draft Pre?estimation 2010 will be presented to the 13th Governing Board for adoption.

Following discussions at the 12th Governing Board meeting in Slovenia several member states forwarded their comments and opinions of the structure and remits of Committees. The Troika will meet to discuss this matter taking on board the need to plan meetings to coincide with the deadlines for sending documents to the Commission and present proposals to a future Strategy Committee.

A draft Cooperation Agreement with Interpol was agreed by the Committee and the 13th Governing Board will be requested to agree the document be forwarded to the Council to be approved. It is hoped to hold an official signing ceremony during the 14th Governing Board meeting in Cannes, France in December.

Draft decisions “Establishing a Network of National Research and Science Correspondents” and “Administration of e?Net” received the approval of the Committee with the recommendation that the 13th Governing Board adopt the documents. A training seminar will be organised for the e?Net Managers.


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