14th Strategy Committee Meeting

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16 February 2009

The 14th Strategy Committee was hosted by the Czech Republic Presidency in Prague on 5 February 2009.

The Chair announced:-

  • Details of a recent meeting with ESRIF;
  • A leaflet prepared by the Secretariat, promoting CEPOL;
  • The Action Plan following the audit of the IAS;
  • The request from SIRENE to organise training activities;
  • The Court of Auditors future evaluation of agencies.

The Director announced:-

  • Information from the Head of Agencies meeting;
  • The ongoing liaison with the Commission regarding the payment of a “lump sum” for organising courses and seminars;
  • A new proposal regarding “Contracts” with Member States when organising CEPOL activities;
  • Details of the new budget planning process required by the Commission;
  • Ongoing discussions with the Commission regarding CEPOL’s 30% funding of the Exchange Programme.

The Director presented financial statistics for 2008.

The governance and structure of the CEPOL network was discussed at length and a “discussion document” will be amended in light of comments received during the meeting which will be presented to the 15th Governing Board with proposals on the continuation/finalisation of the procedure.

The Strategy Committee recommend that the 15th Governing Board adopt the following decisions:-

  • Estimate 2010;
  • New Members for the External Relations Working Group;
  • Disbandment of Electronic Network Working Group;
  • Network for National Common Curricula Coordinators.

The Governing Board will be asked to agree to the Preliminary Work Programme 2010 and invite the Commission to present their opinion on the document.

Other topics discussed included the Service Level Agreement with NPIA and a process to decide the criteria for selecting topics to become e-learning modules.

Date of next meeting: 7 May, 2009 at Bramshill, United Kingdom.


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