15th Governing Board Meeting

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10 March 2009

The first Governing Board meeting to be held under the Presidency of the Czech Republic took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 24-25 February 2009.

Among the topics discussed by the Governing Board were the Governance and Structure of CEPOL, Preliminary Outturn of 2008 and the follow-up to the Internal Audit Service report.

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • The Estimate 2010 (8.8 million euro);
  • Meeting Calendar for the Second Half of 2009;
  • e-Learning Workflow which clarifies the workflow, the development and the implementation of CEPOL e-learning modules;
  • The appointment of Module Advisors to work with the Common Curricula topics ‘Management of Diversity’ and ‘Civilian Crisis Management’;
  • A Network of National Common Curricula Coordinators of participating Member States;

The Governing Board agreed to the Preliminary Work Programme 2010 which will be forwarded to the Commission for its opinion.

The Governing Board took note of the proposal for continuation of the SEPE project and the summary report from the European Dimension Conference, tasking the Committees and Working Groups to assess the recommendations.

The Annual Programme Committee Chair provided a report of their last meeting and provided the Governing Board with the 2008 Statistics report regarding CEPOL activities. In total, 2078 participants took part in CEPOL activities during 2008 and 97 activities were held.

The Governing Board discussed the future contracts between CEPOL and the institutes implementing CEPOL’s activities.

A proposal for the Exchange Programme 2009 budget was discussed. The grant from the Commission for the Exchange Programme is based on CEPOL and Member States funding 30 per cent of the project from its appropriations.

The Governing Board was given a written report on status of the CEPOL Euromed Police II project. The board was advised that Euromed project activities were suspended on 7 January 2009 until further notice due to recent events in the Middle East. The board was advised that although no final decision has yet been taken on resuming Euromed activities, it is the position of the European Commission that the Euromed programme will be implemented again from 1 March 2009.

Matters discussed arising from the Training and Research Committee included:

  • The Research and Science Bulletin;
  • Certification of Trainers and Course Developers;
  • The Bruges-Copenhagen Process.

The Governing Board adopted a number of changes to Working Groups, including the disbandment of the Electronic Network Working Group and Electronic Platform Sub-group; new members to the Working Group on Learning and the disbanded the Project Group “Development of a concept for consolidating, updating and publishing SEPE”. The Governing Board established a Sub-group “Survey on European Police Education and Bologna”.

The Governing Board received an update about CEPOL Communications and e-Net. The number of unique visitors to CEPOL’s website increased on a monthly basis from 2,417 in April 2008 to 4,483 in December 2008. The number of registered users in March 2008 was 389 and by the end of January 2009, had increased to 744. Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Romania are the top five Member States where the hits to the website are coming from.

The next CEPOL Governing Board meeting will take place in Cesky Krumlov under the Presidency of the Czech Republic on 26-27 May 2009.



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